Consolidated Panels & Veneers offer a wide range of services over and above just edging. Our services include:

  • Manufacturing veneer leaf into fleeced and sanded edging
  • Guillotining of raw materials
  • Finger Jointing of veneer
  • Fleece backing veneer rolls
  • Sanding veneer rolls
  • Slitting veneer, melamine, ABS & PVC
  • Pregluing rolls of veneer, multi-layered veneer, melamine, ABS & PVC
  • Rerolling
  • Packaging


  • Short lead times – generally we are able to turnaround contracting orders within 5 working days.
  • Small minimum quantities – so you are not burdened with large quantities of stock you don’t require.
  • A wide range of products not otherwise available – you are only limited by the veneer specie, thin or thick edging that you require.

As detailed below, our main services are available subject to the listed lead times and minimum quantities:

Service Standard Lead Times Minimum Quantity
Pregluing edging rolls 1-2 days 1 roll
Pregluing veneer leaves up to 320mm wide 1-2 days 1 leaf
Manufacturing veneer leaf to preglued strips 1-2 days 1 leaf
Manufacturing veneer leaf to unglued and preglued fleeced and sanded rolls 5 days 300m per width required
(approximately 12sqm of leaf)*
Slitting bulk rolls of melamine, veneer, ABS & PVC edging to your required width 5 days 1 bulk roll
Rerolling large rolls to smaller standard lengths 1-2 days 1 roll
Packaging rolls, veneer strips and leaves 1-2 days 1 roll