An inexpensive yet hardy edging available in large continuous rolls for efficient, trouble free edgebanding. Recommended by hotmelt edgebander manufacturers and chosen by customers Australia-wide, PVC is the material that helps keep edgebanding costs under control in many woodworking applications.


Continuous roll form – optimizes edgebanding speed whilst minimizing offcuts and wastage.

Trims cleanly – eliminate that costly extra step after edgebanding of finishing-off sharp and jagged edges with a file.

Resistant to chipping – no last minute repairs required when installing jobs or finishing manufacturing.

Inexpensive – great value compared to some other edging materials.

Variety of sizes - whether you are a manufacturer or a reseller, we have the potential to supply lengths and widths to suit your needs.


PVC edging is recommended for application using hotmelt edgebanders. It is possible to apply PVC by hand with contact adhesive or using hot air edgebanders. However excessive heat can lead to degradation of material.

Most edgebanders’ trimming devices will cut PVC edging cleanly without difficulty. PVC can also be trimmed easily using a sharp blade or handheld edge-trimmer.

For best results when applying unglued PVC, we recommend EDGEBOND granulated and cartridge hotmelts, available ex-stock from Consolidated Veneers.


PVC edging is available ex-stock from Consolidated Veneers or from one of our distributors in a range of sizes listed below:

PVC Edging
Standard widths: 21mm
Other widths: 30mm and 40mm
Standard roll sizes:

White Unglued – 200m

Colours Unglued - 300m

Prints Unglued - 300m

Standard thickness: 0.4mm * Nominal

Please note other widths are available upon request.
Minimum quantities apply.

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