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Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer

A multi-layered edging made in continuous rolls from natural and reconstituted timber veneers. Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer edging is suitable for all edging applications including doors, drawer fronts, cabinet ends, desk tops and bench tops.

Consolidated Panels & Veneers Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer timber edging is produced using Cross- Linked PVAC adhesives to bond each layer together. Benefits of using Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer edging bonded with PVAC are:

Excellent Moisture Resistance:
No water penetration into the boundary layer

Superior Bond Strength and Heat Resistance:
Due to the chemical cross-linking reaction

Excellent Resistance to various solvents:
Due to the chemical cross-linking reaction

Excellent water and steam resistance:
Due to the chemical cross-linking reaction


Continuous roll form – optimizes edgebanding speed whilst minimizing offcuts and wastage as experienced with short veneer strips.

Face Sanded – ready for lacquering after edgebanding.

Attractive appearance – uniform colour with next to invisible joins.

Reduced waste – no more offcuts or blemishes as with solid timber strips.

Original natural veneers – Consolidated Panels & Veneers range of Australian species is produced using locally sourced face material. Ensuring “True Australian Species” – no substitution.

Comprehensive range - 20 species in stock.

Ease of application – suitable for use on most edgebanders.


Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer can be applied using a wide selection of equipment including hotmelt edgebanders, hot air edgebanders, (for preglued stock), or by hand using contact adhesives.

Most edgebanders’ trimming devices will cut Multi Veneer cleanly without difficulty.

Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer can also be trimmed easily using a router.

For best results when applying unglued Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer, we recommend EDGEBOND granulated and cartridge hotmelts, available ex-stock from Consolidated Panels & Veneers.


Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer edging is available ex-stock from Consolidated Panels & Veneers or from one of our distributors in a range of sizes listed below:

Multi-Layer 2mm Veneer
Standard widths: 22mm, 29mm, 38mm
Roll sizes: 100m & random length
Standard thickness: 2mm
Range of species includes:
American Cherry Sapele
American Oak Spotted Gum
American Walnut Tasmanian Blackwood
Anegre Tasmanian Myrtle
Beech Brushbox
Blackbutt Jarrah
Makore Multiplex (ply)
Tasmanian Oak Victorian Ash


Click here to download the 2mm Multi Veneer availability sheet.

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