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When it comes to edgebanding, Melamine edging is the economical edging material of choice.

When a cost effective alternative is required then melamine edging solves most requirements at a competitive price.


Continuous roll form – optimizes edgebanding speed whilst minimizing offcuts and wastage.

Versatility - able to be applied using a wide selection of equipment.

Availability - a range to suit the demands of the ever changing market. Volume based enquiries are welcome for colours not in our Melamine range.

Variety of sizes - whether you are a manufacturer or a reseller, we have the potential to supply lengths and widths to suit your needs.

Ease of application - suitable for use unglued or preglued and easy to trim.

Inexpensive - great value compared to some other edging materials.


Melamine edging may be applied using hotmelt, hot-air edgebanders, ordinary household irons, or manually using contact adhesive.

Most edgebanders’ trimming devices will cut Melamine edging without difficulty. Melamine edging can also be trimmed using a sharp blade or handheld edge trimmer.

For best results when applying unglued Melamine edging, we recommend EDGEBOND granulated and cartridge hotmelts, available ex-stock from Consolidated Veneers.


Melamine edging is available ex-stock from Consolidated Veneers or from one of our distributors in a range of sizes listed below:

Melamine Edging
Standard widths: 21mm
Other widths: 30mm and 40mm
Standard roll sizes: Unglued, 100m
Preglued, 50m & 150m
Standard thickness: 0.32mm


Please note other widths are available upon request.
Minimum quantities apply.

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