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Specialised Panels

Due to our experience in knowing what the market requires, CPV offers a range of Unique and distribution partnered products to our customer, these products include;

  • VersaPanel – A PVC Panel, 100% water resistant available in Black and White colours
  • Craftform – Bending MDF, pre-scarfed for curved work
  • Fire Retardant Panels where a project requires laminated panels to meet Group 1 or 2 certification
  • Evenex – Decorative d├ęcors laminated to board. Marketed by the Elton Group, stocked and supplied by CPV
  • Eveneer Reconstituted Veneers – Marketed by The Elton Group and supplied pressed on board by CPV

All the above products are either exclusive to CPV or are supplied by our distribution partners.

All Eveneer Re-constituted Veneers are purchased in leaf form, then joined and pressed onto board by CPV

Please enquire with CPV for all your specialised panel requirements.

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Craftform MDF
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