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Fleeced Veneer

A continuous roll of timber edging strengthened with cellulose backing paper (fleece) and face-sanded to an even thickness. Manufactured by Consolidated Panels & Veneers in our Sydney factory, Fleeced Veneer is used throughout Australia and internationally for standard edging applications, softforming and profile wrapping.


Continuous roll form – optimizes edgebanding speed whilst minimizing offcuts and wastage as experienced
with short veneer strips.

Staggered finger joints – extra strength and near invisible joints.

Fleeced – strong cellulose backing eliminates splintering, splitting, cracking and breakage during edgebanding – no priming required.

Face Sanded – ready for lacquering after edgebanding.

Original natural veneer – no cheap substitutes from other species.

Wide range – over 40 species in stock.

Australian Made – all veneer edging is manufactured in Sydney, Australia.


Fleeced Veneer can be applied using a wide selection of equipment including hotmelt edgebanders, hot air edgebanders, ordinary household irons (for preglued stock), or by hand using contact adhesives.

Most edgebanders’ trimming devices will cut Fleeced Veneer cleanly without difficulty.

Fleeced Veneer can also be trimmed easily using a sharp blade or handheld edge-trimmer.

For best results when applying unglued Fleeced Veneer edging, we recommend EDGEBOND granulated and cartridge hotmelts, available ex-stock from Consolidated Panels & Veneers.


Fleeced Veneer edging is available ex-stock from Consolidated Panels & Veneers or from one of our distributors in a range of sizes listed below:

Fleeced Veneer
Standard widths: 22mm (all species)
Other widths: 30mm and 40mm
Standard roll sizes: Unglued – 100m
Preglued – 50m & 100m
Standard thickness: 0.45mm – 0.65mm
Non Standard specie: Minimum Order: 300m – 500m applies

Please note other widths are available upon request.

Iron-On Timber Veneer Sheets are also available in a limited range of 2440mm x 305mm and 1220mm x 305mm sizes. Please contact us for availability.

Please Click here to download the Fleeced Veneer availability list.

Please contact Consolidated Panels & Veneers for further information.