Bella Decor is an Australian company supplying high quality decorative surfaces to the Interior Design, Furniture and Architectural Markets. Our product portfolio consists of embossed Melamine Faced Panels, High Pressure Laminates with Matching Edges and an Innovative concrete “like” panel.

Our continuous development & selection of new products inspired by European Design and Manufacturing combined with the latest colour trends & innovation, ensures Bella Decor remains at the forefront of the Australian Design Industry.



A collection of decorative surfaces inspired by the warmth and texture of natural timber veneer. Our surfaces are available as a Melamine Faced Panel, High Pressure Laminate, HPL Pressed Panels and Matching Edge.

Our range of surfaces are categorised based on the various textures/embossing’s available referred to as LINEAS, EVEREST, NATURALS & NATURALS MATT.

Our surfaces are designed to promote subtle textured characteristics which include “brushed” textures, “Natural” look and feel, to our most modern and advanced “Natural Synchronised Matt” embossing where it is difficult to tell the difference between our panels and real polished natural timber veneer.

Ease of use, high surface resistance and superior colour consistency are just some of the advantages PureWood offers the architect, Interior Designer and Cabinet Maker. [ Read More ]



TOUCH Laminates


Touch Anti-Fingerprint Laminate is a Matt surface Ideal for furniture & interior design. Innovative acrylic resins which are applied using Electron Beam Curing means that Touch Laminates reflect very little light, hence its opacity while at the same time making it Anti-Fingerprint, soft to the Touch & highly resistant to scratches.

Touch Laminates are available as a Faced Panel, Laminate and Matching Edges making it a sophisticated & coordinated surface for furnishing and interiors. [ Read More ]




Concreo & Conclad


Concreo & Conclad are both innovative materials that revolutionise the use of concrete in Architecture & Interior Design. Consisting of inert materials and natural fibres (Cellulose Fibres and Gypsum), Concreo & Conclad contain no concrete or cement in their composition making them a truly unique material unlike any other on the market.

The Concreo material has a surface sealer applied in production making it water repellent, anti-stain, non-toxic, environmentally friendly whereas the Conclad does not exhibit this surface sealer as it is most suitable for wall cladding applications. Both Concreo & Conclad achieve a Group 1 Fire Rating under the Building Code of Australia.

Available in panels, Concreo & Conclad can be cut, manufactured and assembled with the same tools as for wood including CNC Routing Machine’s creating a system to be at the service of creativity and design. [ Read More about Concreo ]  or  [ Read More about Conclad }